Saucy Origins: Holy Hell Scotch Bonnet Buffalo Sauce

Holy Hell Buffalo Sauce

Super hot, but doesn't linger. Like a beautiful woman at a truck stop.


We bought a crazy pepper plant from a nursery. Those peppers were so flavorful and spicy we had to make a sauce with it. We’d grind them up in a blender and experiment adding different amounts to our buffalo sauce until we created the perfect balance of flavor and extra hot heat.

Made with Butter | All Natural | Gluten Free (GF) | Vegetarian 


It became known as Holy Hell because of it’s exciting balance on the pallet. Flavorful and Spicy. Bright and Punchy. Angel and Devil. It starts with this burst of fresh pepper flavor, then ends with a spicy burn buzz. Plus, you can’t help but say "Holy Hell!" when you eat it.


Side note: We accidentally killed that original pepper plant during a move and couldn't find it anywhere. It was a crazy one-of-a-kind hybrid called a “Hottie.” (If you know where to find one, call us!)

After tons of research and recipe experiments, we discovered the Scotch bonnet chili pepper. A similar fruity pepper that’s a hybrid of the habanero and native to Jamaica. This pepper was the perfect option and gives Holy Hell it’s bright, spicy flavor that it’s fans can't get enough of. 

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