About Us

We’re Adam and Cara Nelson, aka Mr. and Mrs. Blonde Beard. We were raised in the South where there's no shortage of fried chicken and spicy food. In 2008, we were hustling the LA ad scene and our southern roots inspired us to start frying wings and making sauce. We’d gather in the kitchen with friends, drinking beer and mixing up buffalo sauces using fresh ingredients found in the fridge. These parties (and the sauces that came with them), kind of became a thing and in 2014 we even threw one for our wedding. We loved cooking wings, but we really loved creating buffalo sauce. It became a staple on our table and we’d find any reason to put it in a recipe. In 2017, we decided to bottle our sauces and share them with the world. What started as a party with friends and fried chicken wings, has now turned into a passion and way of life.