Our story

We’re Adam and Cara Nelson, aka Mr. and Mrs. Blonde Beard. We're addicted to wings and have created the world’s first craft buffalo sauce that will make you smile and inspire you to cook, share, eat and be happy.

Our journey into the wing world began long ago under the starry humid skies of Atlanta, Georgia. We grew up in country kitchens full of fried chicken, buttered biscuits and hot sauce on everything. Football was either on the TV or being played outside and chicken wings were the star of the tailgate spread. Working at wing restaurants became second nature and so did our love for cooking wings at home.

While living in California after college, we started frying wings with an old turkey frier we had in the garage. Great wings need great sauce, so we started making our own sauce with ingredients found in our fridge. Much to our surprise, these little chicken wing parties turned into a journey of several years cooking and creating craft wings and sauces for friends and family from L.A. to Austin to Denver, Colorado

Our hobby has now turned into a business, fueled by our mission to inspire others to come together over a great meal. Join us on this epic journey to help fire up your inner chef and to make Blonde Beard's a joyful staple in every kitchen.