Our story

We’re Adam and Cara Nelson, aka Mr. and Mrs. Blonde Beard, and we’ve created the world’s first Craft Buffalo Sauce. An innovative approach to wing sauce made with real butter, exciting ingredients and gourmet flavors. You've never tasted anything like it. 

We were raised in the South where there's no shortage of fried chicken and spicy food. Cooking has always been a big part of our lives, especially frying up chicken wings. While living in Southern California, we were in search of a great wing sauce and couldn't find one to satisfy our needs. What we found were lots of sauces made with hydrogenated oils, fake butter flavorings and just tasted like spicy vinegar.  Since we couldn’t find what we wanted, we started making our own.

We’d create different Buffalo Sauces, using real butter from the fridge and fun ingredients found in our kitchen like maple syrup, beer and Cajun spices. We'd cook up a bunch of wings and invite friends over to join in on the sauce making fun. We’d serve the wings naked and vote on the best Buffalo Sauce, Black Magic and Holy Hell often winning the blue ribbon. Unexpectedly, our sauce was so good on more than just wings and friends and family couldn’t get enough.

Recognizing there were a lot of people searching for a sauce like this, we knew we needed to bottle our homemade concoctions and share them with the world.

Our mission is to change the way you think about Buffalo Sauce. We want you to be inspired to cook with our craft flavors that are better tasting, better for you and much more versatile than conventional wing sauce. Join us on this epic journey to make Blonde Beard's a staple in every kitchen just like it is in ours.