Blonde Beard's Buffalo Sauce
Blonde Beard's Buffalo Sauce
Blonde Beard's Buffalo Sauce
Blonde Beard's Rooster Rub

Elevate Your Wings

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Blonde Beard's Buffalo Sauce Made With Real Butter

Made with

Real Butter

Butter is better. Better tasting and better for you. It gives our sauce it’s richness and beautiful thick consistency. Sure, hydrogenated oils and fake flavorings are cheaper and easier to use, but we prefer the real thing and we think you will too.  

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Chicken & Waffles

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Dojo Asian Wing Sauce

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IPA Buffalo

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Black Magic

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Holy Hell

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Dry Rub

The Rooster

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Wing sauce that's

More than Wing Sauce.

Blonde Beard's is a staple in our kitchen. When we aren’t making wings, we’re sipping on our Spicy Bloody Mary’s or baking Buffalo
Mac N’ Cheese.

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It's a win-win.

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Wing Kit

Whether you like 'em saucy or with a dry rub bark, this wing kit has you covered.

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Wings 101 Cookbook

The definitive guide to cooking the perfect chicken wing.

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Cookin' Bottles

The perfect tool for slathering sauce quickly, easily and mess-free.

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