Wing Wednesday Everyday

Wing Wednesday Everyday

My name is Cara and I am Co-Founder and CEO of Blonde Beard’s. A wing sauce company that I co-created with my husband in 2016. I am also mother to two young children 5 and 2 and, together, we make a lot of wing sauce and eat a lot of chicken wings. 

By now you may have heard, that the bird (er, beard) is the word. My husband and I started Blonde Beard's out of a sheer passion and love for wings. That’s right. Chicken wings. We dropped our successful Advertising careers, to start a company that paid homage to wings and all the glory that they hold. 

Last week, some good friends reminded me of the goodness this business was founded on. Community. Our Wing Off's brought friends, family and neighbors together for a day full of sauce-making and wing-eating. They were full of laughter, stories, eating together and great conversations. Tell me a time you have eaten wings and tell me there wasn’t laughter and happiness around it. The heart of Blonde Beard’s lives in this joyful community, and we are on a mission to encourage everyone to eat and share more wings. 

I felt compelled to share this with our Blonde Beard's community, so that we can all work together to spread this message. The world could use some more community, and I haven't seen many fights break out over a table full of well-sauced-wings. 

Thank you for reading this, if you made it this far. And thank you for loving our sauce or being interested in our brand and company. We hope to make a mark on your at-home-dining experiences and the hot sauce shelf in your fridge. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally if I can ever help with anything;

 Happy wing eating!


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