What is a 'Boneless Chicken Wing'? How we really feel...

What is a 'Boneless Chicken Wing'? How we really feel...

Please note: the following post is satirical. We're firm believers that our sauces taste great on pretty much anything and we're only gonna judge you a little bit for eating boneless wings.

Let's just start this one off by saying that we're not the biggest fans of 'Boneless Buffalo Wings' or 'Boneless Chicken Wings'...but what exactly are they? 

We believe Ander Christensen said it best "Boneless chicken wings are just chicken tenders or imitation chicken wings." He suggested renaming them to chicken tenders, or 'Wet Tenders'.

Ok, so comedy out of the way... what the heck are these things? To put it simply, boneless chicken wings are just dry chicken breast pieces cut up to resemble a chicken wing. We could call them Frankenwings, if we didn't feel so bad about disparaging the great work of Mary Shelley. So what exactly should their true name be?

We've come up with few replacement names that we really love. (Feel free to use these)

  1. Wet Tenders (thanks again Anders Christensen)
  2. Questionable Quackers
  3. Dog Scraps
  4. Faux Fakery

We can confidently say that we think boneless wings are mislabeled in a similar manner that someone calling a pork chop a ribeye would be inaccurate. At the end of the day, they're both still tasty but a pork chop is most definitely not a ribeye steak. 

Vent over... How about a great recipe for Air Fryer Wings? Or our Buffalo Caulifower recipe might be closer to 'Boneless Wings'

We hope you can find humor out of this post. Happy saucing!

Note: If we had to pick one sauce, we'd say that the Black Magic is our favorite sauce for 'wet tenders'. 

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Boneless Chicken Wings Are Chicken Nuggets

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